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Version 111.0

Release date

17th October 2018


When adding a receipt to a claim line where the date on the line has been edited, if the dates differ then the user will be prompted to choose the correct date.

Assigned delegates can now be cc'd in to the main users emails so they receive notifications when claims need authorisation. This functionality is optional, please contact us if you would like it on.

Claim line date can now be left blank rather than defaulting to todays date, again this is optional, please contact us if you would like it switched on.

Mileage categories now have additional validation to warn if the claimant adds additional mileage greater than a specified percentage of the whole journey.

Updates to the DVLA credit usage log screen to include more information regarding each expenditure.

Bug fixes

Fixed bug which prevented favourite journeys and location being deleted.

Fixed bug which caused additional mileage to also be added as personal mileage.

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